------------------------ VFX Portfolio ------------------------

“Prometheus: Alien 5” (20th Century Fox), 2012

“Gangsters Squad” (Warner Brothers), 2012

“Fairly Oddparents 2”(Nickelodeon), 2012

“Fairly Oddparents (Nickelodeon), 2011
“No Strings Attached (Paramount), 2011
“I am No. 4 (Dreamworks), 2011

“ArtCraft”Paranomal Activity” (Paramount), 2010
“Scooby Doo!  Curse of Lake Monster” (Warner Premiere), 2010
“RobinHood “(Universal Pictures), 2010
“Slumdog Virgin“ Title (20th Century Fox), 2010
“WitchVille“, 2010
“Ticking Clock“, 2010
“Book of Eli” (Warner Brothers), 2009
“Couples Retreat” (Universal), 2009
“Land of the Lost” (Universal), 2009
“S. Darko”, (20th Century Fox), 2009
“Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins” (Warner Premiere), 2008-2009
“Hybrid”, 2008

“Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts ” (20th Century Fox), 2008
“Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief” (20th Century Fox), 2008
“Fast and Furious3” (Universal Pictures), 2006

“Two Tickets to Paradise”, 2006
“Dirty” (Columbia Tristar), 2005
“London” (Columbia Tristar), 2005
“Frenkenfish” (Columbia Tristar), 2004
“Deadbird” (Columbia Tristar), 2004

Incheon Expo City Main 5-D Circle Vision
Girls' Generation Music Video in 3D
Kumho Tires CF 30"



------------------------ Animation Portfolio ------------------------

The Reef

The first Korean-Hollywood joint production animation.
It was a role model of 50:50 capital investment and succesful profit share.
It sold to 16 countries and earned over $16 million in worldwide sales.
Distributed by Weinstein Company (USA), Fox (England), Warner bros.(France).
Earned over $50 million from Minimum Guarantee.



Co produced by Paws (The original Author) and TAPC.
Main production work and part of pre-production was done in Korea.
The total budget was $12 million. Especially Garfield Funfest (2008)
was released byCGV primus on Korean theaters.
The Garfield Petforce (2009) was released as a 3D feature animation worldwide.


------------------------ Animation - in Production ------------------------

The Reef 2

Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min.
Storyline: Troy and his gang return to the Reef, stronger and crazier by navy experiments.
Can Pi save the town once again with his friends?

Status: In Production
Release: May, 2012

jungle shuffle poster


Jungle Shuffle aka Manu's Adventure

Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min.
Storyline: In the Mayan Jungle, Manu the coati pursues an animal hunter to bring back the princess Sacha.
Status: Co-production with Mexico
Release: 2014


------------------------ Animation - in Development ------------------------



Format: 3D Digital Feature Film, 100min.
Storyline: Based on the best-selling novel "Empire of the Ants" by Bernard Werber (Fr)
Director: Moonsaeng Kim (Wonderful Days)
Status: Development and R&D
Release: 2014


megaracers poster

Mega Racers

Format: 3D CGI Animated TV Series (26 x 22')
Storyline: Boys' Action film; Underdog Lei's challenge to win the Robot/Motor racing sports.
Status: Early development stage, looking for co-production partner


sky runner

Sky Runner


Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min. & TV Series.
Storyline: About a friendship between the Sky-Runner Sue and the sky whale.
Status: Looking for co-production partner

rescue patrol

Puddle Jumpers (AIR)

Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min.
Storyline: With his father Renegade's sudden disappearance, Kirby faces an acrobatic challenge from Renegade’s greatest rival Houdini - with his hometown Atwater on the line!
Status: In Production
Release: 2013


zombie petshop

Zombie Petshop


Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min.
Storyline: Slack but lovable, Joey the pug finds himself locked inside a shopping mall – with zombified animals lurking around!
Status: In Production
Release: 2014

Taekwon V

Taekwon V 4D

Format: 15 min
Storyline: A search for the legendary battle robot to save the world from an evil scientist, Dr. Kaff
Status: Completed first 5 min. Looking for investment




Format: Pre-school TV Series (5' x 52)
Storyline: Educational contents to teach kids the do's and don'ts.
Status: Looking for co-production partner


memory hunter

Memory Hunter

Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min.
Storyline: Goblins steal human memories and use them to run movie business in their own world. A 6-year old Ann goes on a journey to the goblin world to take her grandfather's memory back!
Status: Developing storyline, looking for co-production partner


The Great War Trilogy

Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 80 min. x 3 Films
Storyline: War between Humans and Cyborgs in ancient times.
Status: Development


Bremen: Circus of Silence

Format: 3D CGI Animated Feature, 90 min. Musical
Storyline: Mute girl Ana falls in love with Alexander, the circus’ star violinist, who is loosing his soul by Tattoo Man.
Status: Development




Format: Live Action Feature Film with CG Characters
Storyline: Animal characters in the real world, 007 adventure style.
Status: Early Development




Format: Live Action Feature Film with CG Characters
Storyline: Cybord vs Human vs. P
Status: Early Development

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